After One Visit to a Granite and Marble Slab Showroom, Toronto Homeowners Will Be Sold!

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As soon as they first step into a granite and marble slab showroom, Toronto homeowners know they’ve made the right choice in their decision to incorporate natural stone building materials into their next kitchen renovation or bathroom remodelling project.

Seeing Is Believing

It’s hard to describe to the uninitiated just how vast the array of choices will stand before you after you’ve decided to install granite countertops or marble flooring; but one visit to your local natural stone distributor will be enough to give you an idea. Marble and granite slabs, quarried from across North America and around the world, are available in a dazzling spectrum of colours and hues, each with their own signature pattern and style. Every piece could bring a totally new look and feel to your new marble bathroom vanity or granite tile floor. Since no two pieces are exactly alike, your finished product will be a unique reflection of your personality and taste, unlike anyone else’s. That’s why seeing the product for yourself is so important. Choosing the materials for your marble countertops from a catalogue or other sight-unseen source would be like trying to get your next family pet without seeing it first. In short, you’d never even consider it, and with good reason. The intricate geometric patterns of light found in each granite slab, and every mesmerizing, swirling design of colour and shade in a slab of marble, comes from a long history, reaching back to the chaotic maelstrom of molten rock that was the Earth’s formative period. The beauty and style with which these materials can bring all that history and power to bear on your new stone bathroom vanity are impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the durability and resilience they’ll exhibit once the job is done.

Pieces of Rock, Peace of Mind

The strength and durability of natural stone renovation materials is well known, and among their chief selling points. Nobody wants to finish a home renovation job only to worry that all that hard work and money will have gone to waste because everyday use causes unsightly cracks or structural damage in just a few years’ time. The job of installing new marble counters or granite flooring is one with results that last a lifetime; and that feels good. Another source of peace of mind is the ease of maintaining these remarkable materials. At most, a treatment with special, easily available sealant is enough to make any marble or granite surface virtually impermeable to moisture, adding stain resistance and long-term resistance to dirt, grime and bacteria to the already impressive durability in the face of pressure and impact. No matter what high-traffic or heavy-use areas of your house you choose to refit with either marble or granite slabs, the rocks are up to the task, and the results will bring you satisfaction for decades to come.
If you’re considering a home renovation project, pay a visit to a local granite and marble slab showroom. Toronto homeowners who have incorporated these two materials into their redecorations have been reaping the rewards for years, with many more to come.